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I’ve just had a guitar back from CC Music in Glasgow that was in for some serious mod work – to make it sound and play better. I must say, they’ve done a good job and their suggestion to use Seymour Duncan pick ups as replacements has really made a difference.

The guitar in question is an Epiphone Riviera – bought around 97/98 during the Brit Pop/Rock period.

The fact is, I hardly ever used it over the years but picked it up a couple of years ago to play some Jazz on it. Well, that’s when I became a little critical about its…qualities. Epiphone guitars of this period (it was built in March 97) were made in the Peerless Factory (Peerless is another make) in South Korea and although they are better regarded than later ones built in China, the fact remains that, compared with a Gibson 335 (which they are modelled on), these guitars have a few compromises, shall we say. The harware and electrics is one such compromise!

Anyway, it was recommended that I change the pick ups to Seymour Duncans Jazz pick up and JB pick up and boy, do they make a difference. Apparently this is a very popular combination and I can see why!
This guitar sounds a lot better!

I also had the fingerboard reprofiled with a compound radius to make it easier to bend strings at the top; new Jumbo frets were added as well as a Graphtec nut and new tunomatic bridge. Not forgetting the toggle switch, pots and rewiring with coil taps…so as you can see, pretty serious revamp. But it’s been worth it!

I rang CC Music to thank them for the sterling job they’ve done. I’m one happy Jazzer.

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