words of wisdom from Chet

You’ve got to admire Chet Atkins – for everything he did and said. Here’s just a snippet of something I discovered in YOUTUBE land. There’s plenty of things to take from this but one of them – in my view – is that you don’t get to keep the crown for good: there’s always guys coming up looking to steal it so they can have their five minutes too… or 15 minutes! ‘Everything is temporary’ – he says and I completely agree! I would add this to his advice: know what your goals are (in life) but check them first: are they all they’re cracked up to be? Are they attainable? What’s the return on investment? Will they make you happy? Are those goals shallow and temporary? And so on..I say this because there will always be some guy somewhere in a bedroom putting in 24 hours per day because he wants to be the next big cheese. And he might just achieve it…for all of 5 minutes. Now, don’t get me wrong: this is not a prelude to saying, ‘look, don’t bother’ – but he’s right when he says that perhaps for a lot of folk, they should treat it as a hobby – something they love to do when in their spare time. Chet was so modest, humble and wise…and a great guitar player. I’m left with one final thought: if everything is a comparison then it’s no wonder guitarists sometimes feel insecure about their position in the food chain. Hey, all we’ve got are comparisons. I guess the first guy to play three chords together was considered a genius in his day. Take my point?

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