personality in playing

It’s nice when a person finds their own personality and doesn’t try to be a clone of some sort. Sure, it takes time but things can blossom after a while…

As with real life, it’s nice when a guitarist finds their own playing personality; such that they are distinguishable from every other guitarist. What’s the point in sounding like a million others? I’m not sure that this aspect is ‘taught’ enough; although to say it is taught is perhaps a misnomer. But what I will say is this: that time can be spent working on one’s own personality in playing approach. You don’t get that from just practising scales all day long. No!

Most of the players I like have their own distinctive personality. Mind, my advice to relative newcomers would be to suggest they copy, imitate etc…because it’s through that that they should acquire their own voice and personality. But there must come a time when they don’t just slavishly copy their favourite players. Well, that’s how I see it.

thanks for listening!!

ps: I’ve just noticed how similar my advice is here to that given a few days ago. Oh well, it’s still true!

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