Barney’s trio playing

Last post I was saying how I love trios – whether it’s Blues, Jazz, Rock or whatever…it’s a great format! Currently, I’m putting together a set list of Jazz standards that are arranged for such a format. And what better example can one follow than Barney Kessel’s? Here he is playing ‘Autumn Leaves’. I love his chord melody approach – no one does it... read more

Blues guitar licks for Sarah

These guitar licks are demoed in the key of A and work over dominant harmony in said key. read more

The trio format

I would go so far as to say that the trio format is my favourite playing mode. I mean, guitar, bass and drums. I will tell you why: because it’s great for improvisation – lots of rooms for everyone to stretch out without the risk of stepping on other’s toes. As a guitarist, it means not being relegated to the role of comping (or ‘rhythm’ guitarist, if you prefer) behind a lead... read more

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