words of wisdom from Chet

You’ve got to admire Chet Atkins – for everything he did and said. Here’s just a snippet of something I discovered in YOUTUBE land. There’s plenty of things to take from this but one of them – in my view – is that you don’t get to keep the crown for good: there’s always guys coming up looking to steal it so they can have their five minutes too… or 15... read more

personality in playing

It’s nice when a person finds their own personality and doesn’t try to be a clone of some sort. Sure, it takes time but things can blossom after a while… As with real life, it’s nice when a guitarist finds their own playing personality; such that they are distinguishable from every other guitarist. What’s the point in sounding like a million others? I’m not sure that... read more

Bert Jansch and Davey Graham

I stumbled upon this whilst trawling the Youtube files. It’s a rare moment indeed; especially given that neither man is still with us; both having passed away in the last few years (both at a relatively young age, I might add). Both were greats in their day: exponents of a new approach to acoustic steel guitar playing that fused Blues, traditional and ethnic sounds. Both were from the British Isles.... read more

Advice to guitarists – from Joe

Here’s a snapshot of an interview given by guitar virtuoso, Joe Satriani. I find his remarks about how to practice, how to spend time with the guitar, interesting. He is basically confirming something I felt for a long time: that there’s no point in spending a disproportionate amount of time practicing scales to the exclusion of all else. Time should be spent writing, being creative, playing... read more

Upon reflection

Everyone has a musical journey…to a lesser or greater extent; even if you’re just a passive listener. It started somewhere…in your life…and it carries on. Musicians, you might say, have a more ‘intense’ musical journey – one that’s full of practice, rehearsal, frustration, joy, progress, development, experiencce and so on… I sometimes think about the... read more

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