History of the Guitar

During one of my lessons today, I was asked how long the guitar has been in existence. Well, I explained that the guitar has been around for a long time…in one form or another. And like most things, it has evolved to become what we know as the guitar today; so I suppose the question might be, at what point in its evolution would you want to call it a guitar? The guitar has had many predecessors which... read more

Solo Jazz Guitar

I would like to tell you about my enthusiasm for solo jazz guitar; something which currently preoccupies me in my studies and practice schedule. First of all, I would say that solo guitar playing in any form is appealing; because it provides the player with an independence you don’t get if bashing the skins (drums) is your occupation: no need for other musicians; and it means performances are a... read more

looking for a band?

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bandskool is

bandskool is the name given to a service aimed specfically at young musicians aged 11 to 18 years that want to develop their band skills.... read more

pop music theory

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